Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Etsy Favorites

The "world of girl" is such fun. As we prep for the next big project of putting together baby Jane's nursery, I can't help but scour the world wide web looking for all things pink and floral and vintage and poofy.

Etsy is a favorite shopping spot (if nothing else, it provides amazing inspiration and motivation). Here are some of my recent finds:

Anything made with Amy Butler fabric is a winner...
From JMBthreedesigns's Etsy shop

Just plain cute...
From Bonniebluebelle's Etsy shop

I can't get over the rufflidge. I'll take one in every color!!!
From Dressbabybeautiful's Etsy shop
Along with perusing the clothes and accessories, I have begun the ominous diaper bag search. With Sawyer, Tim and I decided to go with a gender neutral messenger bag so that both he and I could get away with carrying it (and he could maintain his man dignity). I loved our bag and it has held up quite well but now that there is a girl on the way, I am craving a more feminine piece. This beauty has caught my eye:
From Kolobags
The search continues...We are definitely getting excited about our little lady!!

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  1. Mia had the white ruffly dress in a size 4, I may still have it, if so, it's yours. We took lots of beach shots in it. :)