Friday, December 30, 2011

Super Sawyer

It is so hard to believe my little dude is three. Seems it was only yesterday...

The party theme was debated for weeks. Sawyer's top three theme choices: Justin Beiber, High School, Super Hero. We opted for Super Hero and went on a Pinterest hunt for great ideas that could be easily copied. The inspiration resulted in some pretty cute decor, if I do say so myself.

Super Silly Sawyer


I made each kid a cape and the craft was making super hero masks. Cuteness.

Grandma K helping Sawyer with his Super mask. Notice his cute Superman shirt has been replaced by a new Tebow jersey 
(a cool present from Uncle Adam and Aunt Amy). Notice, also, that you will never see the cute Superman shirt for the remainder of the party.

When doing anything of importance, the helmet is required.

Happy 3rd birthday Sawyer. You are the Superest kid I know. 

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