Friday, December 30, 2011

And we're back...

After a seven month dry spell, I am happy to return to the blogging world.

A brief update on what the Kanallakans have been up to: 

Baby Jane was born June 11th and has added a heaping dose of sweetness to our little family.

Sawyer started part-time preschool and we both agree those six hours each week are priceless.

  • Sawyer potty trained. Worst week ever. SO worth it. 
  • Sawyer turned the big 0-3 (picts of the party coming soon...).
  • Tim and I conferenced it up this past Fall with the "Home for Good" Adoption conference followed shortly after with the "Cleansing Streams" deliverance conference. Both were life changing and I guarantee there will be postings on each event.
  • I discovered Pinterest. I am well aware that this discovery is being equated to the birth of a child. 
I'm sure there is lots more but thats all I can think of now as Cars 2 plays on the tube and Janie is fighting her much-needed morning nap. 

The big question now is what to post on first...I vote for Sawyer's 3rd Birthday party. 

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