Monday, March 28, 2011

Nursery Projects: Heirloom Artwork

My dad's mother, Betty, spent a year or so in Design School, back when she was about 19 years old (between 1939 and 1940). After she passed away, we found a box of dozens of her beautiful sketches, tracings, and newspaper clippings of her favorite clothing designs. I have always been a fan of vintage anything and for most of my high school years, my bedroom walls were decorated with her sketches. 

As we have been planning and designing Jane's nursery, in the back of my mind has been 4-5 sketches my grandmother did of little girl clothing. Though it had been years since I had actually seen them, I could still picture them.  A few weekends ago I was able to get to my parents house and go through the box of grandma's artwork. I was THRILLED to find the little girl sketches and even more excited that they were even cuter then I remembered. 

 I can not wait to get the art matted and framed for Jane's nursery. These pieces are such a gift from my Grandma.


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