Monday, September 13, 2010

Bedroom Beautiful continued...

 For the past month, as we've been settling into our new home, Tim and I have been going round and round about what pictures to hang and where to hang them. Though the thought of putting holes in our freshly painted walls made both of us cringe, we wanted to begin to put pictures and photos on the wall to help make our house more "homey." 

This weekend we finally put a few holes in the wall and I can honestly say, the items we hung in our bedroom may be my most favorite things in our home...

Our first project was making a key display. Tim collected skeleton keys when he was a little boy and we have been trying to come up with a way to show them off in our house. I settled on putting them in a shadow box and so, after picking out our favorites, we covered the back of the box with a cream colored burlap and hot glued the keys to the material.

So proud...

We hung the framed keys so that you see them as you walk into our room.

Our next project was one that I had been carrying around in my head for weeks. You know when you get an idea or are inspired by something and it just sticks with you? Well, our bedroom has a lot of wall space and although we want to be a bit more minimalistic with the room, I do want to hang some unique pieces. 

Those of you who visited our "cottage by the sea" in Ventura will remember my turquoise mirror I found at a garage sale and painted to match my kitchen curtains. Well it has been re-painted and is now hanging in our bedroom next to a few fantastic antique post cards I picked up at another garage sale about six months back. Oh and did I mention they are hanging in frames I bought at a thrift store about four years ago? It all makes me smile. I love how the scene fits together and that the total cost was under $9 dollars!!!

Until next weekend...

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  1. Looks so beautiful--like something out of Pottery Barn or the like. How lucky are you that your hubby collected something so trendy back in the day? Matt has pogs and a goofy letterman jacket. Oh yay.