Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dangerously Delicious...

My dear friend Hillary recently turned me on to a blog called The Pioneer Woman. I think I've gained 5 pounds just from looking at the pictures of the amazing dishes she creates. After scrolling through a few dozen ridiculously delicious looking meals, I settled on what she calls "Cinnamon Baked French Toast."

I am in serious trouble.

Basically its one of the most wonderful foods I have ever put in my mouth. The recipe copy that went into my kitchen book has been re-named "French Toast Bread Pudding" because thats what it is.

Heaven help us.

Tim and I are bread pudding crazies. Like, we join the old people and go to Mimi's cafe just for decaf and bread pudding. Sometimes we call ahead, pick up the pudding, and bring it home to eat with our own decaf. We love the stuff. So now that I have a way to eat it for breakfast...again, serious trouble.

Disclaimer: While looking at the recipe, don't pay any attention to the quantity of the ingredients. Just focus on the quality of the dish. This is not a low fat, sugar-free meal. Honestly, its probably fills my calorie count for the day BUT it is so worth the extra cardio.

Tip: I baked the dish for 45 minutes to get the bread pudding texture. If you want less fluff, Pioneer Woman suggests cooking it a full hour. Also, I only used half a stick of butter in my topping. I just couldn't bring myself to use the entire thing.

(photo from Pioneer Woman)

Your Welcome.


  1. Just wait until you try the sour cream pancakes - it's on page 76 of her cookbook (a must have and beautiful, too)! My hips will never be the same!

  2. Dear Lord, forgive me for causing Amber to stumble. Amen. Dear Amber, I am sorry---but isn't she the greatest???

  3. I love her! Many many things on there are so good!

  4. I blame Hillary for my obsession with Pioneer Woman too. But Oh My, that looks tasty! Ill have to try out the recipe!

  5. You must try out her bread pudding then, it is our favorite. Seriously amazing!!